Creating a Successful Crowdfunding Video

Creating a Successful Crowdfunding Video

Kickstarter and Indiegogo dominate the online crowdfunding industry. The one thing that makes these platforms stand out is crowdfunding video creation in each campaign.

According to Kickstarter, there was a 66 percent increase in successfully funded campaigns when they included an explainer video. Indiegogo’s statistics revealed that campaigns with explainer videos generate 114 percent more funding than the campaigns without videos.

Crowdfunding pitch videos allow you to connect with your audience. These are the best way to add emotions, motivations, and character to your project. So, ensure that you make your pitch as realistic and motivational as possible.

Here are the best ingredients of a truly successful crowdfunding video:

Be Yourself

People want to see who they are funding to. They want to check your passion and excitement in your project.

So bring all your energy when you are on camera for crowdfunding video creation.

You don’t need to look professional, wearing a suit or tie. Instead, you should appear genuine, wearing clothes that reflect your role in the project.

Get a haircut, wear some clean clothes or trim your beard to make the best first impression.

Tell A Story

Tell a story with a beginning, middle and an end.

In the beginning, tell the problems that exist in the world without your project.

In the middle, introduce how your project solves those problems. Talk about your inspiration, development process, and future plan for the project. Highlight key points that make your project unique and beneficial for the audience.

Finally, remind the viewers how valuable their support could be. Let them feel valued for their potential contribution.

Right Length

According to, campaigns with videos less than five minutes are 25% more likely to achieve their goal than campaigns with longer videos.

But every campaign is different. So, be scientific and use video analytics to see how long your users are watching.

Most online crowdfunding campaigns allow you to change the video length mid-campaign if it is not performing well.

Keep It Legal

Whether yours is a personal project or a business venture, make sure you never violate copyright law. Use royalty-free content or create your own music, logos, images, and videos.

Keep Audio Quality High

If they can’t hear or understand you, viewers will switch off instantly. People often scroll over the campaign page while listening to the audio.

So keep the audio quality in your campaign video excellent. Throughout the shoot, keep the microphone close to your mouth. Speak clearly, with a smile on your face and lots of enthusiastic intonation.

Final Note on Creating Crowdfunding Videos

Spend some time browsing successful projects on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Learn what makes them unique and borrow ideas for your own successful crowdfunding campaign.

After creating crowdfunding videos and posting it on a crowdfnding platform, share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Embed it on your blog post and share it with an online community that may find your project interesting.


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