Keys to Successful Video Marketing

Keys to Successful Video Marketing

Video marketing offers an enormous opportunity for marketers. But creating engaging videos and getting people to view your video over thousands of others can be a challenge. Does that mean that your video should be viral to stand out among others? No, your videos don’t need to be viral for getting views, likes, and shares.

Every brand tries to create engaging videos to get more attention, likes, and shares. Research shows that social videos generate 1200 percent more shares than text and images. You must create engaging and informational video content that no one created before. Check out what successful video marketers do to get the attention of viewers.

Focus on offering value, not sales

Most marketers focus on creating videos that sell products, events, etc. However, successful marketers don’t sell products; they deliver information and value to the viewers. They tell a story around the product or whatever they are trying to sell. Your video should target the needs and desires of people.

Introduction is important

People decide during the first 10 seconds of a video whether they want to watch further or not. Most people close a video within this time if they are not interested in the same. The first 10 seconds of your video should tell the viewers that you want to show them something of great value that could satisfy a critical need. You can ask questions or use a teaser in the introduction to hook up their attention.

Educate the viewers

Videos that educate the viewers are more engaging than those advertising the products. You must inform the viewers about something they don’t know. Education keeps them watching the complete video, and you can also place a call to action in the end. For example, you educate the viewers about the benefits of cooking food in olive oil; you can ask them to subscribe to your online cookery training.

Optimize your videos for SEO

If you are running a YouTube or Vimeo channel, you need to make your video appear in the search results. When people type a relevant keyword, your video should appear in the search, so that people can click on the same.

Do the keyword research and put the focus keyword in the title and description of your video. It will let the search engine spiders find about the content of your video. Tag your videos with the relevant keywords that people search and write detailed descriptions including the most searched keywords around your content.

Moreover, you must upload the video on your website before sharing it on other platforms. Videos engage the visitors longer on your site. Visitors spend 88 % more time on websites with videos.

Find the right approach

No matter how hard you work in video marketing, all the videos do not gain the same attention and viewers. The method that worked a year ago may not work now, and the one that works now may not work after a few months. Every time you create a video around content, you need to find the right approach that can attract and engage viewers.

2019 is the year of experimenting with video marketing strategies and engage your audience in innovative ways. Every business and every product or service is different and needs a different approach to marketing. Following these tips can help you to develop a unique video campaign to make your videos stand out among the others.

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